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Homemade photos are always the most exiting ones. I am publishing mine in the 'My shots' sections but yours are also very welcome. You may send me pictures of your girlfriend or pictures of your mother ... all are very welcome. I need however a little bit of explanation : who is the girl, how you came to do these pictures and so on ... You may also send me small size videos (less than 10 Megs, please).

Only your own pics are interesting us in this section ! Don't waste your time sending me anything else. As I told you I'm an expert in porn pics. I've been everywhere, I've seen everything ! So, please don't send pictures you picked-up from other websites, I will find out where they come from.

Thanks a lot for your contribution ! We'll make this site the most sexy place across the wild wild web ...

Adrien (adrien at

Here are the pics you sent me :

Marseille Night Prostitutes Maria
Not your work, I bought this one Amélie (coming soon)