Welcome !

My name is Adrien, I'm living in South of France, close to Toulouse (please pardon my poor English ...). I'm 41 years old.

You think you are a porn addict ? You aren't, compared to me. Since 6 years now, I'm spending most of my free time looking for sexy naked girls on the web. I lost almost everything for that : first my wife (maybe it's not such a bad thing ...), then an excellent job (this, was stupid). I recently even stopped paying my bills and taxes (sorry, no time to fill the forms ...). I can't prevent myself, I just have to learn to live with that.

Nora, young Arabic gazelle hunted and caught by me !

I think I've been visiting most of the interesting porn sites across the wild wild web, and now it becomes really difficult for me to find new sites I've never seen. However, as the good sites have frequent updates, I often come back to old places I like.

This belongs to Nora ...
but she can't see it.

I noticed that there are some excellent porn sites that aren't well known and that can't easily be found. And unfortunately there are also some sites that look very promising from the outside but have almost no real content inside. So I thought it would worth sharing my experience with you.

My intention isn't here to give good and bad marks. I'm not a teacher nor a judge. I'm just talking here about the sites I like the best, with the most exciting and innovative content. Of course the paysites are much nicer than the free sites, you'd better get used to that ...

In my opinion the sites described here are the absolute best ones across the web. Of course, this isn't an 100% objective view : your taste could be different from mine. But at least, I will give you an exact and honest description of their content and I will show you some unseen stuff taken from their content. And at least, you will be sure that they won't rip you off.

I'm also sometimes doing some ‘home-made pictures' for my own pleasure, with girls I like, or girls I pay (or girls I like and pay ...). I share them with you here. These are the pics you can see in the 'Home made shots' section. I'm not a professional, just a Gazelles Hunter, and your comments are very welcome.

Nora doesn't want me to show her face but she really likes doing pictures. So much that after 10 minutes her pussy becomes incredibly creamy ... Just click on it if you don't believe me... I'm proud to have caught this.

I'm updating these pages once or twice a week. If there is a site that you would like to advice, or if you are a webmaster and would like to see your own site on these pages, just drop me an email to adrien at gazelles-hunter.com. I'll have a look at it.

Please also feel free to email me your own 'home-made' pictures, like those of your sister or ex-girlfriend (drop me an email to adrien at gazelles-hunter.com, explaining briefly who the girl is, how you came to doing those pics, and put the pictures in attachment). When I like them, I publish them in the 'Your own pictures !' area.

Last, THANK YOU. Thank you for being so many to come and visit me every week. I'm proud you like my hunt. Bang, bang ! Shoot them all !

I should be shooting new pics of Nora soon. I promiss to put them here as soon as they will be made. She recently told me 'Next time I will do VERY VERY hard stuff for you ... '. If there is anything you would like her to do (not too nasty things please, she's very young)... just spam me with your ideas, you naughty pervs ... :).

Take care ... and enjoy this generous site ! Bang, bang.