How they could convience young nice french girls who are going to be recognized by their parents and friends is a mystery for me ...
So young ... and already here. The last girl on the right is Decibelle at her very beginning...
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As you know I'm French. So I couldn't resist to show you a real French teen site. This site is an absolute amateur site. South of France girls are all showing pink in front of camera for their very first time and won't probably never do it again. Except one, who is now getting famous over here, under the name of Decibelle. I really love that girl who is so natural and looks so much like the French singer Alizée. You can find them in a lot of fake 'Nude Celebrities' sites, when you click on 'Alizée'.

I really wonder how they picked-up these girls who obviously aren't 'street girls' but very young nice and well educated teenies. How they could convince them to suck, fuck and drink cum in front of a camera when all their friends and family may recognize them ? Maybe because the whole site is in English, and as you know French people refuse to speak English (except me :) ).

Anyway, this is an excellent and unique site. Unlike the Eastern Europe ones, you can see that girls here are really doing it for the first time just by their shy reactions, questions, and their red cheeks. Another difference also is they don't look sad and abused. They talk, laugh and have fun.

I really recommend that one.

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