When she first decided to work for Teen Brazil, Monalisa didn't know how famous she would become. This young girl really drives me crazy.
A different story for each girl. But all stories end up the same way, with a huge and messy facial. Following Alfred Hitcock's definition : 'suspense' compared to 'surprise' is when you know how things are going to end. So this is clearly suspense.
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I like modest sites. Those who don't cheat, who give you what they claim to, not less, not more. Teen Brazil doesn't show the best layout of the web, but it certainly has some of the cutest young Brazilian girls, which is the reason of its success. It also has beautiful and impressive anal penetrations. By the way, where did I put my lub ?

This is a very honest site, with very enthousiastic girls. I really think only amateur girls are good for porn. 90% of the professionals look so bored. None of these girls was a professional when Teen Brazil first started. Now I've been told Mona Lisa is getting famous unless I don't really know if she can be seen somewhere else.

Last, this site is part of a network that features 16 other sites, so you get a lot of stuff for your money. Among them I strongly recommend the funny latinas site 'Border Bangers' and the teens site 'Naked College Coeds' which will be probably both reviewed here too. 'Yank my crank' is good too.

Muito Prazer !

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Brazilian girls are my favorite girls in the world. Too bad they live so far from France ...
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