My Shots

I love porn pics and since one or two years I'm trying to do some by myself. The hunter I am is shooting two kinds of Gazelles : my own girlfriends and some 'professional girlfriends'. The difference between both is very easy to find out : real amateur models are always much better and much exciting (and excited) than any professional one. Maybe one exception : Awa already did some professional modelling in her life, but still remains an incredibly exciting girl. Too bad she didn't accept to do more hard stuff with me, unless I paid her very well.

Your comments on my shots are very very welcome. I really would like to improve my skills in this matter.

Last, I'm sorry but I really can't give you the contact for any of my models. All I can do for you is forwarding emails. And I can't do anything if they don't want answer you. And also don't dream too much : all these girls are living in France. Depending where you are staying, they may be very very far from your place. Sorry, sorry, sorry ...


Adrien (adrien at

Some gazelles I shot :

Awa, a real professional model Noy, my dead friend's wife
Noy again Nora, a young arabic girl (coming soon)
Another set of Noy (coming soon too)