I don't know if plane tickets for Philipinas are expensive or not ...
Scenes are featuring different situations, with single girls, a lot of lesbians, boy+girls, threesomes ..
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'Little Brown Fucking Machines' was the name given the philipina's girls by the US soldiers. This is a little offensive, but obviously somehow close to reality here. If you like large huge high res pics of young Thais, Vietnam and Philipina girls, doing very hard stuff, with huge close-ups ... you have found your dream place.

There are two kind of pics here, which are mixing the work of two different photographs :
. the young and hard stuff, which my favorite, really.
. the more classical photos, that are pics of gorgeous , classy elegant Thais.

To be honest, the videos here aren't the most interesting thing. There are a few original thing never-seen-before with some original stuff. But honestly, if you only like videos this site isn't the best one in the world.

But the pics !!! Those girls look so young but are already so vicious. Compared to the girls, the boys featuring here look so ashamed ...

Last, what I like here too is the frequency of their updates, with 3 or 4 new girls every week. A very very honest site, with crazy girls. It was very hard for me to select those pics since there are so many ones I like.

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What I like with these girls is that they seem to erally like it.
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