This is my favorite Ghetto Hoochies scene. I can't prevent myself from thinking at it, even when I'm screwing my wife ...
Interesting, isn't it ?
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Another reality site that I like. Usually, 'ghetto prostitutes' are ugly old and fat drug addicts that are obviously only waiting for their 100 boxes during the shoot. This isn't the case here. I like this site because the girls are both very cute, young AND natural, which is rare.

There are a few anthology scenes inside. You know, those that you save and hide on your hard disk and watch from time to time, when you are feeling sad and lonely ... Especially all these scenes with 2 girls and 1 guy, which is my favorite count. I've been a member of this site during two years. They have a lot of updates and since they also have a lot of bonus sites, they produce more movies than you have time to watch.

An highly recommended site, thus. Ghetto Hoochies part of a network that features about 25 other sites. You get access to all of these when you join Ghetto Hoochies. Not all are excellent, but among them are some of my favorite sites. Especially for black or asian girls, like for instance : Brazil Bang, Kung Pao Pussy, Pussy Pinata, Phat Booty Hoes, Phat Booty Brazil.

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