Would you eat this pizza afterwards?
Sausages and sauce are provided for free ...
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'No need to comment much here, the pictures speak by themselves ! Gorgeous MILFs ordering pizzas and receiving free extra sausage and free extra sauce ...

The crazy thing with this site is the incredible frequency of the updates. Every week a pizza ! When will they stop doing the same with so many beautiful girls ? Remember non-art, Andy Warhol and so on. Think of this, this repetition might be some kind of art. What I like is that unless the scenario is roughly ever the same (not always, you'll also see a surprise with pop-corn ...) every episode is different. Just because girls are different, have different personalities, different reactions. Interesting, isn't it ?

My favorite girl here is Mason. This girl ...

Videos are HQ, pics have good resolution, and you get access to several bonus sites. What more do you need, dude ?

Last, I was wondering : what do they do with the pizza after the shoot ? Who is eating it ?

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A few tenth of small videos, Good resolution.

High res excellent
HQ series.

$2.95 for 3 days
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Yep man, this is hardcore stuff ...
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