Malika lives 200 km away from my place ... One of these days ... maybe ...
Malika is a real african and a real amateur. No fake ... She's open to any proposal.
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When I started playing with my first computer (from my workplace !) the first thing I entered in google was 'African Girls'. Of course, I had to search for a very long time before finding my first real african naked girl. And it was Malika on her 'Black Princesses' site. The surprise was that she is living in south of France, just like me, only 200 km away from my place. Believe it or not, several years later, she is still one of my favorite models, and I really love her site.

The good thing with Malika is that she is a real amateur, and a very very hot one. She was born in Africa, no fake. This girl doesn't seem to have any limit, as you may see from her pics and videos. You can even see her fucking a man with a dildo. And she obviously likes what she's doing.

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